Oru Mugathirai (Tamil)

TOI : Oru Mugathirai (Tamil)

2017-03-18 00:00:00 +0000

Synopsis: A psychiatric doctor is infatuated with a psychology student and turns into a psychopath!

Moview Review: If your head is reeling just by reading this synopsis, that’s no match for the effect that someone who has watched this film would feel. Twenty-seven years after Kudumbam Oru Kadambam, here we have the answer to Visu’s bizarre question in that film which made Omakuchi Narasimhan literally tear his hair out in frustration, and our reaction is not very different than the latter’s.

Oru Mugathirai wants to be a twisted thriller about a psychologist who has become a psychopath and his battle of wits with a rookie — a psychology student, whom he has the hots for.

Rahman plays this psychologist, Sathyamoorthi Rathnavel (Rahman), who is a leading light in his field. He spends a week teaching students at a college in Coimbatore. This is where Kanmani is studying. Interestingly, Sathyamoorthi has been chatting with Kanmani (Aditi) as Rohith, and his online avatar convinces her to come to Chennai so that she can earn money to go to the UK for higher studies. But when the girl lands in Chennai, she is unable reach Rohith and Sathyamoorthi, as his actual self, offers to accommodate her. What happens when Kanmani discovers the real identity of Sathyamoorthi?

For a film whose plot is about the cat-and-mouse between a hunter and his prey, Oru Mugathirai wastes too much time with the set-up (a parallel track involving Arjun, a man jilted by his colleague-lover, Maya is a test of the audience’s patience levels), and by the time the director gets to the non-twist and reveals that Sathyamoorthi is Rohith, we have lost all interest. The film starts resembling something like a thriller only after Kanmani discovers Sathyamoorthi’s game plan, but even here, the theatrical nature of the performances, and the clumsy filmmaking drains the tension from the scenes. And you can only sympathise with Rahman, whose career seemed to have taken an upturn with Dhuruvangal Pathinaaru. For now, that film’s success has resulted in two of his sub-standard previous outings getting a release and taking things back to square one.

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