Real Police (Kannada)

TOI : Real Police (Kannada)

2017-03-10 00:00:00 +0000

An honest, tough, do-gooder cop enters Vasanthnagar police station. He is seen as the one man who can bring about change for the better. The film deals with an interesting case that challenges him professionally.

Om Sai Prakassh is known for his tearjerker entertainers, while Saikumar is known for his machismo laden films. The film sees an amalgamation of the two styles. Unfortunately, this proves to be not so smart a choice as the tale that they narrate is at least a decade old if not longer and seems outdated to say the least.

The film has all the staples of a commercial film that was narrated in the 90s and the early 2000s, but sadly it doesn't take the essence but makes do with just the residue of those elements. There are no baddies as such, but one gets to see all the 'evils' in the society. The treatment and narrative makes for unintentional laughs rather than a serious reflection of the problems.

One feels sad that an actor like Saikumar is shown in a role that reduces him to a caricature. Yes, we all loved Agni IPS, but that was a long before and we would love to see him in roles akin to the one that he played in RangiTaranga.

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