Shuddhi (Kannada)

TOI : Shuddhi (Kannada)

2017-03-16 00:00:00 +0000

Synopsis: Karlyn, a photojournalist from USA, is in Bengaluru on a mission, tracing some wrong-doers. Meanwhile, Jyothi, a journalist and aspiring playwright, is busy planning for a movement to ensure harsher punishment for juvenile offenders in crimes like sexual assault. Meanwhile, there's also a criminal on the loose, who is being chased by the city's best cops. How do all these stories connect?

Review: There has been a lot of hype for this indie film, especially since most of the Kannada film industry's leading ladies spoke about how the trailer made an impact. Shuddhi, made by debutant Adarsh H Eshwarappa, is a film that deals with a lot of sensitive issues affecting women. It could have easily become about over-the-top jingoism, but the makers have kept the drama and thriller aspects intact, ensuring one is left impacted by the message, without taking away the movie-watching experience.

To talk about the story and plot would be taking away credit from the good screenplay woven by the maker. What is worth mentioning is how the three leading ladies of the film remain agreeable and are women who most people relate to. They're people who want to create a difference, their frailties notwithstanding. And their passion isn't something larger than life but something that most women would sit up and take notice of.

The film boasts of good cinematography and background score. There are many moments that remain in one's mind long after the film is done. While the leading lady Karlyn is almost Uma Thurman-esque in her mission, there is a beautiful cinematic moment where you have Havina Dwesha from Nagarahavu playing in the background when she is at a cafe. These kind of simple moments make you savour the experience, while the last half-an-hour really ups the ante and gets you involved with the story.

One would have wished the first half could have had a quicker pace, especially since the second half ensures you're more glued to the screen. There are some scenes that seem more for a theatre stage than a feature film. And maybe Kannada subtitles for the English conversations would help it reach the wider audience, especially since the film has presented as a Kannada feature film. But these are a few glitches that one can oversee. Watch this film to appreciate a bold attempt.

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