Srinivasa Kalyana (Kannada)

TOI : Srinivasa Kalyana (Kannada)

2017-02-24 00:00:00 +0000

Srinivasa, aka LK Balu, is the regular guy who has his share of trysts with love, lust and heartbreak. The film traces his journey towards finding love and purpose through these encounters.

MG Srinivas, who has previously directed the Upendra-starrer Topiwala, has this time chosen to direct a romcom that traces the life story of a young man with himself in the lead. The film falls in the category of flicks like Autograph, Premam, Lifeu Ishtene and the recent Kirik Party that follow the travails of a protagonist through his encounters with love. The film, a little over two hours long, proves to be a fun, entertaining ride. Though, like most films of the genre, it does seem to drag at places but eventually makes for a good watch.

The film had proved through its trailers that this is no candyfloss romance, but has a little bit of sass and naughty touch to it. And the viewers get to see that. The first half is rather cutesy, with some trademark raunchy humour. The scenes are handled well and evoke laughter. The film has cleverly put together two halves of the film with two diametrically different sides to relationships. The first half sees a more innocent young love the second half sees a naughtier adult relationship. The dialogues are fun, at times cheesy, and clever at other times, more in sync with what youngsters talk in everyday life, rather than the long-winding filmi ones. The background score and cinematography add to all the masti that's seen on screen.

The actors are fresh and new and do a good job. While Kavitha Gowda is every bit the innocent school girl that she is supposed to essay, Nikhila Suman is the perfect spunky independent collegegoer that her character demands. Srinivas has done a good job in his acting debut, with a good ensemble cast backing him up. Go watch Srinivasa Kalyana for some trademark timepass entertainment, with a good dose of naughty jokes to keep you chuckling.

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