The Great Wall (3D) (English)

TOI : The Great Wall (3D) (English)

2017-02-02 00:00:00 +0000

Matt Damon’s Chinese film debut (in English language), is as underwhelming as his last Jason Bourne movie.

Story: While the ‘no ban no wall’ agenda has gripped the world in Trump regime, Matt Damon’s foray into Chinese cinema has him supporting ‘Nameless Order’, an elite Chinese army, who must defend the Great Wall of China from monstrous intruders, who descend from hell every 60 years. Set in ancient China and based on a legend, this fantastical action-adventure is Zhang Yimou’s first English-language production.

Review: “The wall stands or the world falls. Protect what’s yours”, is what this war epic essentially says, of course with no reference whatsoever to the current US-Mexico situation. Nevertheless, the film’s timing couldn’t have been more inappropriate as the story reveals why the wall was built. What adds to its predicament is its predictable plot, reminiscent of formulaic Hollywood blockbusters.

The splendid use of vivid colours, imagery and Chinese background score initially get your hopes high but The Great Wall soon turns into a monster-slashing, CGI heavy, dated Hollywood potboiler with no soul. If you seek nothing more than popcorn entertainment and some visual thrill, this movie may do it for you but otherwise, it fails to amaze. While Yimou lets you get a glimpse of his unique vision, a standard script and his drive to please the global audience (predominantly mainstream Hollywood fans), affect his storytelling. You don’t get to experience anything new.

Matt Damon’s Chinese film debut (in English language), is as underwhelming as his last Jason Bourne movie. He seems utterly uninvolved in his portrayal of mercenary-warrior William Garin, who gets captured in China during his quest for the precious ‘black powder’. Though a prisoner, his fighting skills earn him the respect of the colour-coded Chinese troops, who allow him to join their fight against the Taotie (monsters). His heroism not only saves China but also the mankind. The ‘westerners’ must save the world, after all, isn’t it?

The Great Wall doesn’t have a single dull moment, thanks to the visuals in 3D. But if you seek something deeper, beyond the spectacle of fantasy war movie tropes, this one’s quite forgettable.

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