Urvi (Kannada)

TOI : Urvi (Kannada)

2017-03-17 00:00:00 +0000

Asha is a medical student, full of hope, like her name. On the other side there is romantic Suzie and courageous Daisy who work in Bobby's brothel. When fate makes their paths meet, will their dreams still remain alive?

BS Pradeep Varma's Urvi has been spoken about right from its launch. Given the fact that it is frontlined by women and touches upon an important social issue - trafficking and flesh trade - there was a lot of buzz especially among the urban Sandalwood audience. Unlike the regular artsy films, Pradeep gives this film a rather colourful touch that is high on anesthetics. The story has some intense moments and a fair share of melodrama, which keep you rooting for the female protagonists.

Urvi has two tales that deal are woven by one thread. There is the bright hopeful world of an orphan Asha and then there is kitschy brothel of Bobby, where you have no space for hopes or dreams. The story takes a rather dramatic turn when the two worlds meet. There is a lot of drama that rides high on emotional quotient. While one might get distracted at times because of the length, the spirit of the film keeps one glued to the seat till the end.

The film's biggest strength is its casting. Right from the three leads, Sruthi Hariharan, Shraddha Srinath and Shwetha Pandit, to its two antagonists Bhavani Prasad and Achyuth Kumar, every single one of them delivers what is expected of them. The sets, cinematography, background score and costumes ensure that the film remains an audio visual treat.

This film is not for those who seek the regular masala fare. It is for everyone of those who want to see something different. In many ways, the visual appeal is akin to MF Hussain's films and that is a treat no doubt. The narrative may seem a little slow at times, but these bits are held together by some powerful moments. Not too often do makers make films with three female protagonists and have an equally powerful female antagonist pitted against them. Watch this film if you're ready to acknowledge a brave attempt.

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