Beauty says.. flops don't lead to discounts !

In a completely male dominated Bollywood, she is called a Queen.  She is none other than the bold and beautiful Kangana Ranaut. She never shies away in speaking her mind. She doesn't restrict herself only to bold talk. When it comes to the negotiations of her remuneration she is even more aggressive. That is the reason why she is the highest paid actress in Bollywood at present. While speaking about the remuneration, she saying that failures don't lead to discounts.

You might be wondering why she is talking about the discounts now.  The reason is.. her recent release 'Rangoon' turned out to be a failure at the box office.  Taking advantage of the failure some producers said to have approached her asking for discount in her remuneration.  

Talking about this, she said "Some people want to take advantage of my failure. They are thinking that Kangana will give them discount in her remuneration. Some people are coming to me and talking about the failure of this film. I told them one thing.  These  things are not written in the contract.  My work should be valued as an artiste. You have to pay me for my working hours.. my skill in playing certain role. So, flops don't lead to discounts". Beautiful words from a Bollywood beauty!

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