He said no to films.. she took divorce

Pakistani actress Veena Malik became popular in India with Bigg Boss show.  She has sizzled in hot characters in Bollywood films later. Apart from her roles in the films, the controversies made her even more popular.  Suprisingly she has acted in a Telugu film 'Nagna Satyam'..but the movie is still lying the cans.  In a recent development, Veena Malik was granted divorce by Lahore court.

Going into the details.. Veena Malik got married suddenly three years ago and settled down in Pakistan.  The couple had two kids Abram (2) Amal (1).  Veena wanted to re-enter films and she has shared thought to her husband few months ago. But her husband Asad Khattak said to have refused for it and asked Veena to look after the kids.  Angered with husband's attitude, Veena left him and started staying separately and applied for a divorce.  Accepting the divorce application from Veena, Lahore court has issued notices to her husband.  But Khattak did not respond to the notices and didn't even attend the court.  

Finally the court has granted divorce to Veena Malik and asked her to return 25% of the 'Haq Mehr'(dowry money) to her husband.  As she got the divorce, she is free to choose her caeer path now.. but it is interesting to see how career will shape up now.

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