Jayasudha son said 'Sayonara'..!

It is quite common to see the heirs of senior stars entering film inudstry as heroes.  Even though everybody may not succeed.. many youngsters are entering the film industry.. and some are bidding adieu also.  Senior heroine Jayasudha son Shreyan Kapoor also joined this list now.

Shreyan worked as an assitant director for several Bollywood films at first.. he debuted as a Tollywood hero later. His debut film was 'Basti' and it was released in 2015.  As the movie turned out to be a dud at the box office, his career didn't take off.   He is not that disappointed .. but he has decided to say good bye to films.  What's the reason for this? Jayasudha is saying that he has taken this decision not because he doesn't have new offers but he is a champion in shooting..  so he has decided to focus on his sports career.

She said that "Shooting championships are scheduled in the coming months. So, my son decided to prepare for the championships. Shooting is his passion. If he signs a movie.. it will be difficult for him to concentrate on the shooting.  When he did a film in the past,  his professional rank decreased.  After much thought he has chosen Shooting".  

Whatever be the case, the Shreyan said 'sayonara' to films.  Forgive me for jumping into an irrelevant topic.. we all reminded of a Mahesh Babu song when we come across sayonara word.  It is a Japanese word.. and the meaning is Good Bye.

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