'Sonam is Superstar, I'm a Super Flop'

Ram Gopal Varma's Women's Day Tweet asking Women to offer pleasure just alike Sunny Leone has created a sensation. Neither Celebs nor Media is willing to forget it too soon even after the Filmmaker issued an open apology.

When asked her to respond on RGV's Women's Day Tweet, Sonam Kapoor replied: 'OMG! I can't comment on Ram Gopal Varma. We have better things to talk about. Nobody should take him seriously as he is Nobody'.

Immediately, Bollywood Actor Kamaal R Khan wrote: 'Sarkar RGV, Sonam Kapoor is saying on NDTV that nobody should take you seriously because you are nobody. Lol'.

To which, Ram Gopal Varma responded: 'She's 100 per cent right because she's superstar of 'Neerja' and am super flop of 'Aag'. However low  @sonamakapoor thinks of me,I think very high of her'.

It would be interesting to see how Sonam Kapoor reacts to the way RGV responded to her hard-hitting comments. Never been before, Ramu has taken criticism in such a sportive manner. Isn't it?

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